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The Royal goats representing monarchies

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The Protest of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich against self-appointed and roguish activity of Sovereign Royal and Imperial Houses Rurikovich (Argentina) and false Imperial Houses of Rurikovich (Great Britain).

With deep regret we are compelled to promulgate again the facts of self-appointed and roguish activity of externally respectable and noblemen from Argentina, Spain, Malta and Great Britain.

We talk about illegal and shocking activity Sovereign Royal and Imperial Houses Rurikovich (Argentina) and the Sovereign O.S.J. Order of Malta supporting it, headed accordingly Prince Hugo Norberto Cabrera (Argentina) and Don Basilio Cali (Malta), and also new speculator Jeffery Windsor which has headed nonexistent Imperial House of Rurikovich.

Royal goat Hugo Norberto Cabrera

Royal goats Alexey, Maria and Jorge Cabrera - Kubarev's

Royal goats Alexey, Maria and Jorge Cabrera - Kubarev's

From last year at the moment of publication of the Official Demarche of Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich against self-appointed and roguish activity Sovereign Royal and Imperial Houses Rurikovich (Argentina) and the Sovereign O.S.J. Order of Malta the situation has worsened.

The link:

Impostors and swindlers have dissolved rough activity in Europe on self-advertisement of false Princes and Princesses of the illegal House Rurikovich registered in Argentina. The most surprising consists that swindlers have convinced some rich people to invest in development of roguish structure. People such as Santiago de Miguel, Felix Ramos and Frank Camelot finance activity of speculators.

Financiers of Royal goat Jorge Cabrera - Santiago de Miguel, Felix Ramos and Frank Camelot.

We once again officially declare, that swindlers and speculators are people from the list resulted below:

His Royal and Imperial Highness Prince Hugo Norberto Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Royal and Imperial Highness the Prince Hans Maximus Lochaber Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Royal and Imperial Highness The Grand Prince and Great Seneschal Dr. Jorge A. S. Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Royal and Imperial Highness The Prince Oliver Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Royal and Imperial Highness the Prince David Rafael Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Royal and Imperial Highness the Prince Luis Daniel Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Royal and Imperial Highness Prince Maximiliano Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev
His Highness the Prince Alexey Aleksandrovich Kubarev Rurikovich
His Highness the Prince Alexander Kubarev Rurikovich
His Royal Highness the Prince Guerrino Perna Rurikovich Prince Count Rurikovich of Kovel
Her Highness the Princess Maryia Vladimirovna Kubareva
Her Highness Princess Charlotte Lochaber Cabrera Rurikovich Kubarev von Kronborg
His Highness Don Basilio Calì di San Lorenzo Duke of Castellfort 77º Principe Grand Master O.S.J. Order of Malta

All specified persons make sacrilege and break laws of the God and people. They have appropriated titles and names which have no to them any attitude. Titles are sold illegally for money by Mr. Hugo Cabrera from Argentina. So, recently it has transformed the emigrant from Belarus Maria Vladimirovna Kubareva who has located in Spain, from false Princess into Grand Princess.

We already marked, that father of Hugo Cabrera has got rights of use of House Rurikovich in the interests, as ostensibly dyed away Royal House. Latin American Herald master for money have issued all necessary documentation for family Cabrera. Such roguish operation became possible only owing to full ignorant and obscurantism of some western Herald masters which do not know that in the world live and prosper more than ten Rurikovich Princes from Romanov's Russian Imperial House, and also independent Princes of Rurikovich. False Royal and Imperial House Rurikovich have headed in 2006 by Mr. Hugo Cabrera.

Usual ordinal the Latin American nobleman has turned to Grand Prince Rurikovich. It illegally granted title of Prince same ordinal and poor nobleman Jorge Cabrera who began to refer Rurikovich. Then these swindlers have involved in the activity Maria Vladimirovna Kubareva, her son Alexey Kubarev and her brother Alexander Vladimirovich Kubarev. All of them have received titles of Princes from speculator Hugo appropriated also surname Kubarev.

We already marked that Maria, Alexey and Alexander appeared namesakes of Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. Genetic researches have shown, that Maria and Alexander Kubarev’s concern to Haplogroup I, and son of Maria Vladimirovna, Alexey in general does not concern in any way to Kubarev’s as has taken surname of mother. Alexey has Slavic-Mongolian Haplogroup R1a1. Under the reference it is possible to look copies of certificates of testing DNA the specified persons.

The link: http://www.fundprinces.ru/en/content/274.htm

Present Rurikovich’s is concern to ethnos Finn-Ugrian Haplogroup N1.

In due time we are demanded to lead testing DNA is for representatives of Cabrera family. They have refused to pass testing. However it was soon found out that family Cabrera all the same have carried out such research DNA. We have found out family Cabrera project on one of sites on DNA-Genealogy. The link: http://www.worldfamilies.net/surnames/cabrera/results

Here is result of DNA-Testing of Jorge Cabrera:


All Cabrera’s appeared usual Europeans Haplogroup R1b1. To Rurikovich these people have no attitude, as belong to other ethnos. In any case, comparison of values of DNA allele’s men Cabrera has shown huge genetic distance from Rurikovich, therefore about relationship of speech cannot be.

So whence at family Cabrera the idea to enter the name in Rurikovich has appeared? I shall result below copy of letter from Hugo Cabrera to Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev, dated on May 14, 2009.

« 14.05.2009.
Hello loved Prince Duke Valery:
I send the answers to you to your done questions to Alex in Spain.
Good with respect to the Shields I say to you that heraldo gave the patents me when the designs with the right of the use of such according to the old blazon (shield) of the house and the Czars of Russia including design of varied details in it with respect to those of the Rurikovich Family. After the study of the hereldico school of the genealogy they carried out the design of he himself.
Good now you asked because this right and because the Czar Ivan the Terrible one. I comment to you well that since we are Rurikovich we have right plenary sessions to use the arms of arms of the House of Kiev and Russia because therefore they bequeathed the old Czars to us of our Dynasty. Secondly I explain that the czar Ivan the Terrible one was I complete czar of the Rurikovich that decree that all the princes conservarian the titles of the dynasty by always. This we can find it in the history detailed and reaffirmed in the family of the direct descendants to ours by the czar Alexander III Romanoff.
According to account the history that the house Cabrera - Quadreny - descending of in line direct Rurik is: Another branch of the family Feliu de Porreras, already mentioned, whose continued genealogy settles down documentarily from century XV, passage to the neighboring population of Fields and her to Palm, fixing their lot to the estate Is Espases, that still conserves. Real farmers, baylios, merchants of Majorca and later the citizen military (century XVIII). In 1878, Umbert family in the property and dominion of Goatherd happened to the extinguished, unifying in their hands the dominions direct and useful of that archipelago. After being recognized like gentlemen of Goatherd and his but by the Spanish State and the church, they register the dominion to its favor. In 1894 the emperor Alexander III of Russia grants the honors to them and the rank of Kniaz of Russia and later receives I title of Counts of the Empire. The nobility of this House of Feliu Cabrera is recognized, among others, by the following sentences: Bar group of judges of Majorca, sentences of the 26 of April of 1876; Hearings of Palma and Santander, information in 1814, etc.
By these reasons one takes to the use of Spanish designs within it. Genealogical study I take to grant these rights of use with all the titles. For that reason the union of those designs within the Arm of Arms, also with the right of use to Title Of Royal and Imperial Majesty dices by the Heraldico School and the King of Arms and then for that reason encontro that we are descending of I finish originating Czar Rurik but of the Czar Dmitri 1591-1669 Son of Iván and from comes the family there to now.
Hugo »

It turns out, that impudent family Cabrera has written down itself in descendants of son Ivan Terrible is Tsarevitch Dmitry of Uglich. On the ignorant and to obscurantism, Cabrera’s dated his life period like 1591-1669. To swindlers and speculators was don’t know, that Dmitry of Uglich was born in 1582, and was lost in 1591. His body lies in sarcophagus of the Arkhangelsk Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. However family Cabrera has decided to lead the life in sin and deceit, having made forgery and sacrilege, having given out itself for Russian Regal persons. If they actually were Ivan Terrible's descendants would have DNA known Rurikovich, Haplogroup N1. But we were convinced, that it not so.

So, whence at family Cabrera such speed? It appears that clan of Cabrera conducts the beginning from the Spanish Viscounts Cabrera having the patrimonial arms as goat. Surname Cabrera occurs from the name of mountain goat.

The patrimonial Coat of arms of Royal goats Cabrera

We believe that by swindle and forgery family Cabrera became the present Royal goats, completely confirming goats essence of this sinful and criminal sort dishonored and discrediting the Spanish nobility.

Except for swindlers Cabrera in the Great Britain one more speculator who is giving out for Emperor Rurikovich was found out. Call this impostor is Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor. The swindler and impostor have decided to promote Great Prince and Duke, being based on simple concurrence of his surname Windsor with the name modern Royal dynasty of the Great Britain.

The speculator and the impostor do not know that House of Windsor is founded on July 17, 1917 by King George V with the purpose of disposal of ruling dynasty of former German name Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in conditions of the World War I. The name Windsor is sent to Windsor’s Castel, one of the main residences of the British monarch.

In the neighborhood with the Castel there is small city of Windsor. Some of city dwellers have received surname Windsor in honor of place of the birth. To one of such families began ancestors of Jeffery Windsor. Will of destiny parents of the future speculator have got to Africa, in one of the British colonies.

Royal goat Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor

The swindler and speculator Jeffery Windsor has added to the surname other name of district - Sezibwan and Windsor – Sezibwan began to refer to. Having got acquainted in the Internet and Facebook with surprising histories about greatness Rurikovich clan, Jeffery Windsor has decided to diversify the career of the speculator on field of connection to Rurikovich clan.

Using concurrence of the surname to the name of the British working dynasty, it has leaded into error lot of dear and serious noblemen of Europe. Jeffery in the beginning has created the House Windsor – Sezibwan which did not use deserved success. Recently the speculator has got over to the Great Britain and has decided to strengthen the positions in the world of aristocracy. For this purpose in May 2013 it has received the new passport, having attached to the surname name Rurikovich. However to the speculator there was don’t know, that word Rurikovich it not surname, but patronymic of people having of forefather Rurik.

Nevertheless, it is not known what ways Jeffery on May 9, 2013 has received the passport with surname Windsor – Sezibwan – Rurikovich. Presence of the passport with such loud names has allowed the basis to the speculator to proclaim Sovereign Emperor of Imperial House of Rurikovich. Thus the swindler has no to Rurikovich any genetic or genealogic attitude. It is necessary to be surprised to tens noblemen from all world, becoming members of this inconceivable and false Imperial House of Rurikovich headed by the schizophrenic and paranoiac Mr. Jeffery Windsor.

Passport of Royal goat Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor

In the Great Britain William Windsor who is not the present Windsor is known. It is kashmere goat, most known of them began William Windsor serving with 2001 for 2009 by the younger corporal of 1-st infantry Battalion of Royal Welsh of the British Army. Below we result his photo. In May 2009 the goat has left in resignation and has been lodged in Whipsnade zoo.

We believe that on change to William Windsor other Royal goat is Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor–Sezibwan–Rurikovich has taken up service.

We call aristocratic community to consider with humor existence in the world of the Royal goats illegally appropriating regalia of monarchies and names of Rurikovich.

Real Royal goat the William Windsor

Names of these Royal goats representing monarchies we are known as Hugo Cabrera and Jorge Cabrera; Maria, Alexey and Alexander Kubarev – Cabrera’s clan, and also their most august follower Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor.

God will render to all these circus actors and speculators on merits.

Grand Prince of All Russia

Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich


The Royal goats representing monarchies
The Protest of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich against self-appointed and roguish activity of Sovereign Royal and Imperial Houses Rurikovich (Argentina) and false Imperial Houses of Rurikovich (Great Britain). 06.09.2014.

News of Holy Russia 27.08.2014: Assignment of Title of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Title Prince of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov is appropriated. Prince Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov is appointed the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia and Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Northern Caucasus, Russian Federation. Count Miguel Georges Coppieters ‘T Wallant is appointed the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia in Wallonia, Kingdom of Belgium.

News of Holy Russia 26.08.2014: Princely Council of Holy Russia has taken place in Moscow.
On August 22-25, 2014 visit to Moscow of Chairman of the Boyar Duma of Holy Russia the Prince of Ural Igor Zyatev has taken place. Within the framework of visit has passed Princely Council of Holy Russia.

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