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Program "The Celebrating of the 1150-anniversary of origin of the Russian statehood"
In connection with 1150-years anniversary of calling Rurik by Novgorod citizen coming in 2012 on reigning and according to the Decree № 267 from 03.03.2011 the President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev About celebrating the 1150-anniversary of origin of the Russian statehood , Fund of Princes will accept active participation in preparation and carrying out of the state holiday. Till September 2011 details of the Program of celebrating will be developed on the part of Fund of Princes. Besides Fund of Princes will adjust interaction with Organizing committee of the Government of the Russian Federation and to organizing committees of subjects of the Russian Federation on carrying out of holiday and will make him the offers on the organization of celebrations. 10.03.2011.

The program Cubes of the Universe. Reconstruction of Russia and the World.
To viewing sensational television films from the volumetric project under the name Reconstruction of a history of Russia and the World or Cubes of the Universe are offered you. The main character – Grand Prince of the Sovereign August House Rurikovich Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. It is Grand Kubensky Rurikovich. In film participate is Primary Spirit, the Universe, Gods, Emperors, Tsars, Hagan’s, Princes, peoples and simple persons.

The program the Project Civilization
Fund of Princes is the partner and the participant of the Project Civilization. The program is directed on restoration of a true history of Russia and the world, reconstruction of historical events and a place to them of peoples of the Russian Federation. Representatives of Fund participate in discussions of a forum of the Project Civilization, act with reports at seminars and the international conferences of the Project spent together with the Russian New University (RosNow, Moscow, Radio Street, house 22). 01.11.2010.

The program of attraction of investments into Russia and the countries CIS
Fund ANRC of Princes started to offer the services on investment of various projects in Russia and abroad. The sizes of investments are from 5 million US dollars and are higher. The large sums are broken into trenches in the size on 50-100 million US dollars. Investments are possible in any directions of economic and financial activity. The Fund gives clients and partners only mortgaging maintenance for reception of free credit resources. 08.02.2010.

The program of ecological and social safety Ark Russia
The present Program Ark Russia is developed by Grand Prince Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev for Fund of the National and Religious Consent of Princes. The program is devoted to transformation of Russia into the Ark of rescue for all its peoples during possible world cataclysm during 2010-2012. The overall objective of the program to prepare the state structures, executive authority, religious institutes, the population of Russia for a survival during accident. We should pass the complex period of a history of a planet together. Anything is not predetermined yet whom to live and to whom to die. In fact who is warned, that is armed. However to neglect a situation it is not obviously possible, as unavailability of the state and a society will lead to incalculable victims among the population and to full loss of controllability of Russia. 05.07.2009-26.07.2009.

The Program Sacred Russ
Fund of Princes believes to restore the most ancient and sacred for the Sort of Russ, Rurikovich’s and Vikings a princedom named our ancestors Pereyaslavl. The land of princedoms lay along watercourse Kubr between borders of modern Yaroslavl, Vladimir and Tver areas. The most ancient constructions on these grounds were two towns. One was on the left abrupt coast of the river Kubr near to modern village of Deserts, another settled down close with it on a hill near to modern village of Yam. Both fortresses and referred to is as Yam. The greater of Yam in diameter of 140 meters subsequently has received the name Pereyaslavl, and smaller in the size in 90 meters is the beautiful name Gold Cup or Zlatoust. 30.09.2009

The Royal goats representing monarchies
The Protest of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich against self-appointed and roguish activity of Sovereign Royal and Imperial Houses Rurikovich (Argentina) and false Imperial Houses of Rurikovich (Great Britain). 06.09.2014.

News of Holy Russia 27.08.2014: Assignment of Title of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Title Prince of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov is appropriated. Prince Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov is appointed the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia and Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Northern Caucasus, Russian Federation. Count Miguel Georges Coppieters ‘T Wallant is appointed the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia in Wallonia, Kingdom of Belgium.

News of Holy Russia 26.08.2014: Princely Council of Holy Russia has taken place in Moscow.
On August 22-25, 2014 visit to Moscow of Chairman of the Boyar Duma of Holy Russia the Prince of Ural Igor Zyatev has taken place. Within the framework of visit has passed Princely Council of Holy Russia.

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