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The list known of Kremlin, fortresses and Yam of Rurikovich in Russia
Heritage and the property of a sort of Russia and Rurikovich’s are ancient constructions in territory of Europe and Asia - Kremlin, fortresses and Yams. Yams it is the most ancient fortresses named a historical science gorodishe. Usually diameter of Yams reached 90-140 meters. After Yams Rurikovich’s family began to build the cities, begin with detinec or Kremlin, the size already in kilometers. We believe, that Fund of Princes as the public organization uniting Rurikovich, is the lawful assignee of sort Rurikovich and the owner of the rests of ancient constructions, the grounds under them and concepts the Kremlin and Yams. Actually Kremlin it is a brand of the Sort of Russia - Rurikovich.

The Royal goats representing monarchies
The Protest of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich against self-appointed and roguish activity of Sovereign Royal and Imperial Houses Rurikovich (Argentina) and false Imperial Houses of Rurikovich (Great Britain). 06.09.2014.

News of Holy Russia 27.08.2014: Assignment of Title of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich.
Title Prince of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov is appropriated. Prince Dr. Ikhvan Baudinovich Gerikhanov – Turlov is appointed the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia and Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich to Northern Caucasus, Russian Federation. Count Miguel Georges Coppieters ‘T Wallant is appointed the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Holy Russia in Wallonia, Kingdom of Belgium.

News of Holy Russia 26.08.2014: Princely Council of Holy Russia has taken place in Moscow.
On August 22-25, 2014 visit to Moscow of Chairman of the Boyar Duma of Holy Russia the Prince of Ural Igor Zyatev has taken place. Within the framework of visit has passed Princely Council of Holy Russia.

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